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Goat meat! The new kid on the block.

As I write on the first of November , October has just gone and this year we got involved in Goatober the month to celebrate goat meat. A wonderful meat and much undervalued here in the UK although the most popular meat in the world and we can see why!

Each year I like to try and cook a few different foods that so far we haven’t tried before, either at home in our kitchen or out and about on our travels. This year I had four meats that I wanted to tick off the list, Spring lamb,  Hogget , Mutton and Goat. The hogget and mutton were relatively easy to source from a farm that visits our local farmers market once a month to sell direct to the public. And the spring lamb we sourced from our butcher locally.

Our goat meat though was rather more difficult to source and local butchers mumbled about special orders and having it every now and then although they did say when they do have it in it sells quickly in general it was much more difficult to get hold of locally.

Having watched a Sunday night edition of countryfile a while ago I was aware of a farm in the Cotswolds that are farming Billy goats for meat. The billy goats are a bi-product of the cheese industry and as they cannot produce milk the boys historically all get euthanized at birth. Ultimately the end result at slaughter is still the same but this way a wonderful product is produced and the boys given a purpose and a great life at pasture on the farm.

I contacted the lovely Lizzie Dyer who runs Just Kidding and placed an order on a special offer she had running which was £90.00 for a box of all of her award winning cuts of meat which included a Boned and rolled Leg of kid, French rack, Barnsley loin chops, Boned and rolled shoulder of kid and a whole leg bone in. So a tremendous amount of meat and good value for £90 including delivery.


A few days later a wonderfully packaged goodie box arrived in great condition for me to unwrap and get excited about! All products were really well labelled and easy to identify.

Kay and the boys were out and about in the evening so i froze the larger cuts and set aside the french rack and a couple of cutlets for myself to try that evening to cook simply over charcoal on the Weber Go anywhere BBQ which is a brilliant size for our camping trips or for quick midweek meals outdoors where the bigger BBQ are not needed.

I quickly set about some roast potatoes to serve alongside and got these in the oven whilst i set the charcoal alight on the Weber. Once the flames had died down on the BBQ on went the rack of kid which i had simply seasoned with salt and pepper and brushed with olive oil turning every couple of minutes until a nice crust had formed on the outside and was nice and medium rare blushing pink on the inside. The barnsley chops only needed a couple of minutes each side and they were done. I started all off on the BBQ and finished in my cast iron pan with some beautiful vine tomatoes.

The meat was so tender and juicy I was in carnivore heaven! The meat had more depth of flavour than lamb and I was blown away with how tasty it was and was left with the question of why in the UK are we not farming more goats for meat. Its almost the same amount of calories as chicken, less than 3 percent fat per 100g which is less than chicken and by far less than beef, lamb and pork respectively. A better source of meat you will not find I kid you not…

I have since cooked the award winning boned and rolled shoulder braised slowly in our oven at about 150c for 3 hours for Sunday lunch and went down really well with all the family and everybody gave goat meat the big thumbs up and once we have finished this order up we will certainly be ordering more.

Give goat your Sunday roast treatment this Autumn you will not regret it!

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