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Family Day in Bakewell – Home of the Original Bakewell Pudding

I don’t know about you but all this cold weather with dark days and lots of rain is making me look forward to spring time!! But I love the occasional day that we get in the British winter time when the sun comes out and the blue sky appears. We are a family that loves to get outside and explore even in winter. We love the peak district and are planning a few dates when we can go walking and climbing this year but on Sunday the sun was shining and even though it was freezing (2 degrees) we wanted to go back to Bakewell to walk around the beautiful town feed the ducks go to the park and enjoy some gorgeous food including the Original Bakewell Pudding. Time with our boys away from the TV and computer games is essential as they are growing up so quickly.

Arriving in Bakewell on a Sunday you would expect the shops to be closed as only a small town but oh no!! There were lots open for us to look round and enjoy. In so many towns there are just the chain stores you see everywhere or charity shops which are great for seeking out bargains but not exactly inspiring. In Bakewell there are lots of boutique independent shops as well as a few well known shops too. Our first stop was the Roly Fudge shop as they were making the fresh batch of vanilla fudge and the smell drew us in. If you haven’t been to Roly’s Fudge Shop before you have to find one local to you or visit somewhere that has one because the fudge is just so scrummy!!! It’s not like the usual fudge you get that is very uniform in size and shape this is more rustic and delicious and there are so many flavours too. They make the fudge fresh each day and you can watch them making it which the boys loved to see and they also got to sample some before we chose the flavours we wanted to buy.

We had a look round the shops including a lovely kitchen shop (love our cooking), a small toys shop for the boys to spend some of their Christmas money, pet shop and the gift shops. We couldn’t visit Bakewell without going to the Original Bakewell Pudding shop to buy an Original Bakewell Pudding and it was lunch time so decided to go upstairs to the wonderful cafe. The food was amazing and the serving staff were so friendly and helpful too. It is such a stunning rustic setting with exposed brickwork walls and wooden beams. I had the most delicious Halloumi greek salad and Patrick had the Ploughman’s board which I have never seen so much cheese on one board!! The boys chose their favourites – Daniel chose the pork pie and Joshua chose the Halloumi panini and they didn’t last long so must have been good I didn’t even get chance to take a photo.

After filling our boots with so much food it was time to walk it off. The best bit about Bakewell for me is that the river runs through the town centre and you can take a short walk through the town to the river and the boys love seeing all the padlocks on the bridge, seeing all the fish and feeding the ducks. If you walk along the river you come to the park too so the kids can run around, ride their bikes, play games, go on the playground and let off some steam. We sometimes take scavenger hunts for them to fill in while we go around the town and on the park just to keep them occupied but didn’t need to this time as they were just happy running around to keep warm. After an hour on the park we were ready for home so back to the van and the boys enjoyed some of the treats we bought in the bakery and fudge shop.

When we get home its time to make some homemade custard and put the Original Bakewell Pudding we bought in the oven to heat through. What a way to finish a great day!

If you ever get the chance to visit Bakewell then do it as its a beautiful place but please get me a Bakewell Pudding as they are a whole other level of delicious!

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