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Explore the Terracotta Warriors up close – Exhibition at the world museum Liverpool

With my mum now in her 70’s she has made the decision that she will now not be able to go to china and tick the terracotta army off her bucket list (due to health reasons not just age). Don’t get me wrong my mum has a lot of life in her and is still travelling but with her stomach issues she has to be careful and even though she would love to go to china and see the awe-inspiring life-size warriors in situ we found the perfect compromise.

In September we went for a girls trip to Liverpool mainly to see the terracotta army in the world museum. These warriors were found by chance in 1974 buried with the first emperor of china in his tomb that is still untouched. Can you imagine being one of those farmers just trying to dig a well for water and discovering such an amazing sight. With over 8000 life-size warriors being found so far along with animals, servants, entertainers, horses and horse keepers all to make sure the emperor has everything he needs in his afterlife.


The history behind the Warriors 

The first emperor of china Qin Shi Huang was a force to be recon with. He named himself the first emperor of china after becoming king of the Qin state at just 13 years old and taking over control of the government at age 22 years then conquering the neighbouring kingdoms to unify china within the following decade. Originally named Ying Zheng after all his achievements he proclaimed that he was the first emperor of china renaming himself Qin Shi Huang.

Legalism was the philosophy that Qin Shi Huang believed in and therefore banned all others. Legalism basically meant that you were rewarded for being good and punished for being bad. There were laws drawn up to live by and Qin used this to his advantage meaning he had free labor from the ones that needed punishing. They were set to work building the great wall of china but also creating the most amazing burial tribute, the terracotta warriors.

Emperor Qin believed in the after life and that he needed to take with him to his burial site what he would need in his afterlife. So being the all-powerful emperor he needed to take everything that he had grown accustomed to. Including an army to protect him, animals, servants and horses too. Everything was created life-size so that he would not be left disappointed in the afterlife. So far 2000 warriors have been uncovered with there being an estimated 8000 in total the burial site is almost the size of a city.

There is so much to learn about this man and how he came to develop one of the most amazing sights for us to see it would take me forever to explain it all. This exhibition is amazing to look at and learn from it has to be seen to be believed.

What will you get to see?

From the moment you arrive you are propelled to china with a video show to get you primed and ready to take in the information about what china is all about. The exhibition is so vast and has so much knowledge for you to take in with exhibits of the things they have found from the Qin dynasty along with large tapestry style banners for you to read all about what you are looking at and the history behind it all. The main thing everyone wants to see along with the armour, weapons and photographs of the site itself is the actual warriors.

There are 6 warriors in a line with a screen behind showing what they would have looked like originally brightly coloured and also showing the other warriors still in situ in china. The warriors are so much bigger than I thought they would be and the detail on them is amazing. It’s almost unbelievable how advanced they were creating these impressive sculptures. There is a display showing you how the warriors and horses would have been built. It is mind-blowing to thing this was being done so efficiently and beautifully so so long ago.


There is just so much to see it took us 2 hours going round not wanting to miss a thing.


Things to remember

  • Make sure you book your tickets before the day you want to go as they sell out!
  • This exhibition is only on until 28th October 2018 to make sure you don’t miss it
  • You are allowed in within 30 minutes of your entry time don’t be late as after that you will not be allowed in.
  • Once you are inside you can stay in as long as you want you are not moved on from each exhibit you can take it all in at your own pace.
  • If you need to go to the toilet let a member of staff know as if you don’t once you leave you are not allowed back in to the exhibit.
  • Do not get too close to the exhibits the proximity alarms will go off as after all these are very very old items that are sensitive to touch.
  • Enjoy it we were in there for 2 hours and I am not sure where the time went as it didn’t feel that long.


This exhibition is only on until October 28th so not long left to find out more check out the World Museums Website.

If you have been to the exhibition please leave a comment below with what you thought of it!!


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