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Campsite cooking the Oliver way – Top 10 Tips

As you all know, we love our cooking at home and so when we go camping in the great british countryside we love nothing more than our meals being a big part of the day whether it be breakfast on the BBQ or firing up our wicked little Roccbox for some evening action.

Now gone are the days of having to slum it while camping. The kit available nowadays in the brilliant outdoor shops such as Go Outdoors or our favourite Ultimate Outdoors is better than its ever been and alongside our glamping set up we also like to have a pitch big enough for a full gazebo dedicated to cooking prep and cooking.

By going camping you can easily get a week for around the £200.00 on a decent campsite for a family of 4 and the dog if you have one. Now compared to other types of holidays costs this then allows for you to forage around all the local small food suppliers and artisans that your chosen part of the UK and purchase some wicked ingredients with some of the money you have saved!

From local butchers and farms selling their own produce to cheese makers and fresh fruit and vegetables summer in the UK has a bounty of produce that the keen cooks in us just want to get out and find and bring back to camp and prepare while the kids are busy playing on their bikes or kicking a football.

Eating out is also something we love to do but mainly at lunchtime while we are out and about. Getting into restaurants in the evenings at peak season can be difficult not to mention a burden on the wallet as a family of 4 could easily be spending £80.00 on a meal that’s being rushed with tired worn out children in tow so we in general opt to eat out in day and cook a nice meal in the evening cool.

Our main three weapons of choice are our Roccbox and our Weber go anywhere portable BBQ and a two ring camping gas burner and between these three we can cover most bases and food styles from Fish, fajitas and pizzas cooked in Rocky! To seared steaks and burgers and sausages on the BBQ cooked over some lovely Oxford Charcoal. compliment this with some lovely local salad or potatoes or pastas.

Top campsite cooking tips

  1. Get hold of decent lumpwood charcoal before you travel as all the crap you get from garages and supermarkets will be full of chemicals and accelerants.
  2. Use a BBQ that is the right size for the group you are catering for. We as a family of 4 can manage with the Weber Go anywhere but if we were catering for more then my 58cm Weber kettle would definatley find its way from South Derbyshire to our destination!
  3. Get out and get the shopping for that day done early. All the supermarkets and butchers are stocked in the mornings. In busy resorts by 3pm in Summer you will be lucky to get a pack of cheap sausages! Early bird catches the worm!!
  4. Plan ahead. Assess what wicked suppliers are around on your first couple of days and make a note of what day you would like to use their products so as they are open and have it in stock what you want.
  5. Shop regular to avoid stacking your portable fridge and having everything going off! The fridge is for beer right?! OK beer and milk….
  6. Timings… Get the BBQ on and try to get everything ready to hand when you need it.. A table next to your BBQ area can be very handy.
  7. Teamwork. Get everyone involved we are lucky in that both Kay and I like to cook and we both share the jobs and even get the kids to pull their weight when needed. 1 person doing everything for everybody else is a recipe for arguments!
  8. Keep things great tasting and cook within your capabilities. Don’t over complicate what you are doing! Remember flavour is king and you don’t have a professional kitchen to hand. And anyway there is nothing wrong with simple delicious food done right.
  9. Enjoy a beer during but don’t drink twelve cans of stella before you cook. It isn’t going to end pretty!
  10. When the cook is done and the sun has set look up to the stars and think to yourself does life get much better than this!

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