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A Couples Retreat – Shepherds Hut Stay in Derbyshire

A couples retreat!

If you want to escape the world of work, emails, social media, the housework and the kids (however adorable they are) to have a break just the two of you there is no better for me than the beautiful Peak District. We don’t live far away and I love that it is only 30 minutes down the road as we can go for day trips, camping and exploring but feel like you are a million miles away from everything.

For our 10 year Wedding Anniversary we wanted to take advantage of the offer from my mum for us to be child free for one night and get away so the first place I thought of was the Peak District but trying to find somewhere that was not just a hotel room, that allowed dogs (can’t be without buddy when walking in the peaks), that would do just 1 night and that was special enough for us to enjoy some time just the two of us was so much harder than I thought! In fact with only 2 days before we were due to celebrate our Anniversary we still had nowhere booked and I thought the trip would just have to be a day trip with us coming back home at the end of it. But then I met Janet from Travel Counsellors at a networking meeting and asked her to look around for us and I am so glad I did as in the matter of 30 minutes she had found what looked like the perfect place, 30 minutes after that we were all booked and I was so excited to have finally booked. We don’t get a child free night very often so I was so pleased things were finally coming together.

The Plough Inn, Hathersage

The morning of our anniversary arrived and we dropped the kids off at school knowing my mum would pick them up and have them for a sleep over so we could drive up into the peak district and relax. We took a slow drive up enjoying the sites along the way and got to The Plough Inn, Hathersage to check in at 1pm. From the minute we arrived the staff were so friendly and welcoming the place was well looked after and just breathing in the fresh air made me feel so happy. We had a drink in the bar before being shown to our shepherds hut in the field around the back of the pub. Now when I say it was breath taking I am not exaggerating with the tree lined field, blossom falling, the sound of the river flowing & birds singing I was in heaven, the location was perfect why not take a look for yourself with this little iphone video on our FB Page

The Shepherds Huts

The hut itself was of a really high standard with a really well thought out layout making if feel spacious and cozy all at once. They have two huts on the site at the minute with plans for a third. They are new and custom made for two people with everything you could possibly need for your stay, cosy armchairs, kitchen area with kettle, fridge (for the important drinks see image below), microwave, belfast sink and under cupboard heater that was very efficient, Built in Double bed that was big enough for my husband who is 6ft 1 and storage underneath for your bags, flat screen TV, bluetooth speaker system, Shower, toilet & sink & Mini Log burner. Outside there was a little deck area and a patio with table and chairs too so perfect for the evening drinks. As you can tell I was really impressed.

What is there to do?

After a very quick unpack it was time to head out and explore. I love walking and discovering new places so instead of following a map or planned route we decided we wanted to first have a look around the grounds and go down to the River Derwent behind the huts.  We took a walk into the village where there is a bakery, butchers, pubs, church, little johns grave is in the church grounds, Outdoor swimming pool & Hope Valley Ice Cream Farm. We wanted to take the time as just the two of us talking and enjoying each others company without interruptions on this trip so we explored some of the footpaths taking in all the sites. one of the footpaths lead us back to near our hut so then decided to go along the river and through the wood. Just being outside in the fresh air with the sound of the river and the lambs leaping around in the fields is the best anti depressant you can get. It makes you appreciate life and all that we have and it also brings you back to the slower pace of life and enjoying the little things that you so often take for granted.

Evening Meal & Stay in the Shepherds Hut

Getting back to the Shepherds Hut after our afternoon walk meant we could enjoy a cold drink while sitting out on the patio area unfortunately this didn’t last long as the rain decided to make an appearance although not very heavy so we sat inside with the doors wide open so we could still enjoy the tranquility and beautiful views. we put on the little under cupboard heater just to take the edge off as was a little chilly now. The heating system was very easy with a touch screen temperature gage so we could set it to what ever we wanted. Next to the heating controller was the bluetooth speaker controller so while getting ready to go out we pumped up the volume and enjoyed dancing around in the Hut with the music on. Hot shower, Music on, followed by dancing with a glass of gin in hand tonight was a good night already! Our table was booked in the Plough Inn for 7pm so walked across with buddy too and enjoyed a fantastic 3 course meal in a relaxed and very friendly pub setting. The food honestly was delicious so much more than we could have hoped for and the staff made our evening celebrating very special.

When we walked back over to the Hut we decided to use the wood provided to use the mini wood burning stove to create a romantic setting but Mr O got a little carried away with the amount of wood he put in and wow the burner was efficient as the hut became a little too warm and we had to keep the windows wide open all night!! We both slept well on a very comfy bed and honestly didn’t want to get up in the morning. It was so lovely waking up to the sound of the birds singing instead of the alarm clock, knowing we didn’t have to get up and rush around getting the kids ready for the school run so we took our time and enjoyed every second of it!

When you book the Shepherds Hut it is £130 per night but that includes breakfast in the pub between 7.30-9.30am we got there at 9.30 but again we were able to take buddy in with us. It is such a great feeling being able to relax knowing your dog is allowed to go where you go and that you are not told to keep him outside or leave him behind. There was plenty of choice for breakfast with continental style as well as cooked breakfast options. It was all delicious and we got to meet the owners of the pub too who told us all about how they bought it on a whim and decided to make a go of it for a few years to see how things go. Their 5 year plan turned into a 10 year plan which turned into 15 year but now they are 28 years in and still love it. This is a family run business that the owners are putting their heart and soul into and it shows!

I can honestly say that I would go back time and time again to stay here. So if you are wanting to get away from it all and try something new get booking as this little gem is going to get booked up quickly!!

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