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Passion for Pizza – Homemade Pizza with the Kids

Everybody loves pizza right? We certainly do in our household and we are certain you guys do to. Its cheap, tastes great and is seriously fun to get everybody involved from the little ones right up to the big kids like ourselves too!

This year we have invested in a really fun addition to our house in the form of a dedicated outdoor kitchen which we can use all year round for not only ourselves but for social evenings with our close friends and special events like birthday parties etc etc.

We have a couple of different ovens for different requirements to cover not only pizzas but a whole host of exciting outdoor cooking opportunities and also dependant on how much time we have. A big clay oven that runs solely on wood and a brilliant little portable oven called a Roccbox that runs on gas or wood which has also been taken on our camping trips this year to Devon and the Cotswolds.

We started our pizza journey in January with a book from the Pizza Pilgrims a great book of inspiration which we recommend for anybody wanting to learn a little about true neapolitan pizza and with that and some great forums on social media we have made over 250 pizzas with our bag of “00” flour direct from Naples and after lots of dough testing and using different yeasts we are now really happy with our pizzas we make although there is always room for improvement!

Although we are trying to achieve true neapolitan style pizza with the puffy airy crust and the leopard spotting around the edges of course it doesn’t have to be that technical at all and a basic recipe with your home oven cranked up to as hot as it will go with a baking stone will still produce a really good pizza so much cheaper than dominoes that’s fun to make and ultimately tastes so so much better! In a future blog we will talk in more details about simple homemade oven pizza as well as something slightly more tricky but very very delicious!

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