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North Pole Adventure – National Forest Adventure Farm

This weekend was the start of the Christmas outings for the Oliver’s and we got to visit the big man himself for the first time this year. This was a very special visit as we got to go on a magical adventure to the north pole from The National Forest Adventure Farm – a new attraction for this year 2017.

Our boy’s aged 5 and 7 years old have loved coming to the Adventure Farm for the last few years with so much to do with the animals, tractor ride, maize maze, dinosaur dig, bouncy pillow, the large indoor play area and so much more!! When I heard they would be doing a winter wonderland this year I booked it so we could start off December with something magical and different for the boys, and we were NOT disappointed!! From the moment we started we were made to feel that we were on a magical journey and our boys thought it was amazing. The boys got their own tickets with their name on then being issued their passports and elf coins on check in it really made them so excited. Us adults got 2 elf coins each too and we were impressed with the detail they had put into this new family experience.

You go through to the departure gate where you have to help the conductor to get the magical door to work so that you get to travel to the North pole. Both the boys loved this and I thought it was such a great way of getting the kids involved from the start. Once the doorway was working we got to walk through to the very snowy tree lined north pole walkway and greeted by our guide who took us to the Victorian square. This is where we could buy sweets from the sweets shop, hot chocolate, mulled wine and mince pies from the pub using the Elf Coins we were given at check in, and the boys could get their first stamp on their passport too. The boys loved seeing the little elves working hard with the decorations through the tiny windows too which I though was a great touch to spark more magic in my boys eyes. We went in to the decoration shop to put our Christmas wish on the Christmas tree then through to the post office to help organise the presents and fix the sorting machine. We really felt like the whole journey had been through out really well and there was so much to do with all the different rooms to explore.

We went back out to the snowy trees and a shelter where we found an elf that needed help with the sleigh and visited the snow cave to meet a polar bear called Marty who made every child feel special as he knew their name and what they liked to play with at home. The boys were amazed!! The northern light display was such a great idea and added even more to the experience. We went to the elf school to learn how to dance, sing, tell jokes and even the special way to say hello. Both Daniel and Joshua have been dancing like elves all weekend after this hehe. We got to meet Mrs Christmas who baked us some lovely gingerbread men for the children to decorate and she was so lovely with all the kids she was perfect. We then went to the singing room to wait our turn to see the big man himself Father Christmas!!

Santa was very jolly and got the boys talking straight away asking about what they had done on their visit. It really is so great to see your kids faces light up when they are so excited and this experience did just that. With the final bit of the journey the toy room where the boys got to choose their own present it couldn’t have been better. All the elves and staff on this experience put their heart into it and I was so impressed. We got a lot for our money on the north pole adventure and then got to spend the rest of the day playing on the farm, go carts, bouncy pillow and indoor play. Big thank you to all the staff for making my boys so happy and excited for Christmas.

The North Pole Adventure needs to be pre-booked you CANNOT just turn up and get a time slot. check out all the information on their website –

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