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Kids Activity Ideas – Keep them busy in the school holidays!! 

So the school holidays are upon us again and although it is only a week this time, the kids still need looking after and still need activities to keep them busy, so out comes my trusted pots of lollipop sticks! Ok so bare with me on this one as my boys love them. I have two pots one filled with large lollipop sticks with indoor activities on and the other filled with outdoor activities. Every day after breakfast we decide which pot we are choosing from (weather dependant mostly). This is a great way of getting them excited about what we are doing that day, making sure we have something fun to do and also making sure there are no arguments on what we are doing as they take it in turns to choose.

The Activity sticks can have anything you want on them so depends on what you and your kids like to do, but to give you some ideas this is just a few things we have on ours:

Indoor Activities 

  • Make Paper Rockets
  • Make ICE Lollies
  • Make a Volcano
  • Play a board game
  • Salt painting
  • Homemade Playdough
  • Bake Cakes or Cookies
  • Paint Stones
  • Toy Parachutes
  • Potato Stamp painting
  • Puppet Show
  • Indoor treasure hunt
  • Make Rice Shakers
  • Make a sock monkey
  • Memory Game

Outside Activities

  • Bike Ride at the Park
  • Garden Games
  • Snail Races
  • Painting with water
  • Build a stick raft
  • Matchbox challenge
  • Go for a picnic
  • Do some gardening
  • Make a bird feeder
  • Go Fishing
  • Go to Bluebell Farm
  • Play Cricket
  • Go to Crazy Golf
  • Make a wormery
  • Nature Rubbings
  • Scavenger Hunt

Honestly the lists go on and on as we keep adding things when we think of them! They don’t have to be expensive ideas to be fun for the kids, sometimes its just about doing something with them that you can all enjoy that you wouldn’t usually have time for when they are going to school, your at work and rushing them to their after school clubs.

I really hope this inspires you and I will be sharing some of our activities as we do them on Facebook and Instagram and if I get chance to blog about them you will see them appearing on here too.



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