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Kids Halloween Party Ideas – Food, Games and Decorations.

This years Halloween party there were 16 Kids between the ages of 3-9 years old running round our garden and kitchen diner. To most of the mums and dads I know this is crazy, but to me it is so much fun and a time to get my creative head working so that the kids have a great time. Both the boys help me decorate the house and garden for the party with pumpkins, bunting, spider webs, rats, bats, battery candles & coloured lights all make it come to life with the spooky feel without becoming too scary!

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Spooky Party Games

When you have so many children together you need to have a plan of how to entertain them! Yes there is food but that wont stop them going crazy running round and hyping each other up for long so games are a great way to keep them busy. We had 4 games at this years party including:

  1. spooky skittles – Homemade with large empty coke bottles painted on the inside by shaking the paint within the bottle with lid on and then characters drawn on with a sharpie. We had a blue monster, green Frankenstein, white ghost, purple witch, red Dracula and orange pumpkin.
  2. Halloween Scavenger Hunt/Bingo Game – This was easy I printed off the bingo sheets and cut 2 sheets up so that I could hide either 1 or 2 of each picture around the garden. The kids then had a full sheet and could work in pairs or individually to find the pictures. They had to write on the sheet if there was 1 or 2 of each picture hidden in the garden this game is great for keeping them busy while you sort the food but needs to be done while it is still light enough outside for them to find the pictures. Once they think they are finished they hand in their sheets and the ones that get it right get sweets or a prize.
  3. Trick or Treat – Homemade game using paper cups and coloured tissue paper. I filled enough cups for the kids to have 2 goes each some with toys bats, eyeballs, bats or witches fingers (trick) or with sweets (treats). then put tissue paper over the top of the cup and sealed round the cup with tape. Using the hot glue gun I then glued the cups to card to create the game. Each child took it in turns to poke through the tissue paper of their chosen cup.
  4. Mummy game – We split the kids into 4 teams and they had to choose who was to be wrapped up like a mummy and then the others used toilet rolls to wrap them up. The first team to cover from foot to head got a prize and the one that came second got sweets. so much fun and easy to clear up as you make is part of the game as a race to clear it all into the bin liner.

Party food fun

The boys helped with this too. I think that it all adds to the fun of having friends over as they got to tell them what they made with very proud faces. With the savoury food being very easy with oven chips, chicken nuggets and hotdogs (we did these as witches fingers by cutting the nail and knuckles) we went all out with the puddings. We made:

  • worms in dirt by using small plastic cups filled with chocolate angel delight, crushed chocolate biscuits and sour jelly worms (easy to do but look great and the kids loved them).
  • Ghost and mummy biscuits made by dipping rich tea finger biscuits in melted white chocolate and using silver sugar balls as eye or icing eyes bought from Asda. Then for the mummy biscuits once the chocolate has begun to cool drizzle a little more zig zagging over the biscuits to create the bandages.
  • Marshmallow eyeballs are the easiest if you buy the icing eyes and marshmallows then mix up some icing sugar with water to make a thick paste colour it red with food colouring and use it to stick the eyes to the marshmallows.
  • Skeleton Popcorn bags again are easy but effective. Get clear freezer bags and a large bag of popcorn, draw a skeleton face on the bags with a sharpie then fill the bags with popcorn and tie the bag, job done.
  • We cheated with the cupcakes and bought them from Aldi.

You don’t have to create everything yourself just have fun doing the bits you want to. I love creating things with the kids its all part of the fun for me. There are always images of what we are up to being shared on social media to please pop along and give us a like or share.


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