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Elf on the Shelf – Are you ready?? Our Top tips

Elf on the Shelf!

Only 1 more day in November and then its time for the Elf on the Shelf routine to begin! Who has woken up in the middle of the night and shot out of bed because you have forgotten to move the Elf?? Who has done so well the first few days but then ran out of ideas of what to do with him/her next?? Well don’t worry we have all been there so I thought I would write this blog post to help you out with handy hints and tips that should keep you on track.

Our Top Tips to making Elf on the shelf easier!

  • Make sure the kids know that if they touch the elf the magic stops and he cant report back to Santa – there is nothing worse than going to move the elf only to find the kids have hidden him and you cant find him anywhere hehe
  • Set an Alarm on your phone to remind you every night to move the Elf! decide what time suits you but I have mine set to 11pm.
  • Plan what you are doing with the Elf for every day so you don’t run out of ideas and the props that you need to do the different set ups.
  • Hide the Plan!! you DO NOT want the little ones finding your list of what elf will be up to next.
  • Find great ideas on Pinterest and google images to create your list
  • Use props that you have to hand to create the elf fun, lego is good, kids toys, Christmas decorations and toilet rolls are just a few thinks you can use.

Last year we introduced the boys to a Little green elf that they named Chippy (the magic is all in the name), the excitement on the boys faces every morning when the found what chippy had been up to was great. We introduced Chippy with a note to say he was here to check if the boys were being good and that he reported to Santa every night. We added the extra bits from The North Pole Behaviour Department which made it more special, with personalised behaviour cards delivered by chippy saying if they had been good, need to try harder or on the naughty list. The boys really did respond to the cards well and looked forward to finding chippy every morning.

This year I have planned out everyday’s activity for Chippy so that I don’t repeat any I did last year and also because if I don’t plan it I will forget what i’m doing with so much going on before Christmas day. I have got a new elf door sticker kit this year so that chippy looks like he is making himself at home and I have also bought a pack of letters one for each day that chippy will deliver so that the boys can find out what is going on at Santa’s workshop just to add to the Christmas magic. If you want to follow what we are doing with Elf this year then follow our Instagram and Facebook pages.


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