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Christmas at the Snowdome Tamworth – Winter Wonderland

Christmas is just around the corner! December 2016 we saw an advert on Facebook for the winter wonderland at the Snowdome which included a father Christmas show, playing in the snow and meeting the reindeer. It looked magical and although we had been to Thomas Land with the boys to meet Santa I thought this looked so much fun and magical for the kids so decided to book.

Arriving at the Snowdome

Well from the moment we arrived to the moment we left we were blown away with how wonderful all the staff were and how organised it all was. You started off with the safety briefing by a penguin! Yes that’s right a penguin and he told some funny jokes too.  We were then let loose on the snow with  sledges a plenty and so many Christmas trees and lights it truly was magical and felt like a white Christmas. With a few snow slides to go down on rings and plenty of things to look at on route around the circuit the kids and us adults were loving every minute. Don’t forget the snowball fights and snow angels so much fun was had by everyone.

Time to see Santa

After the allotted time in the snow the bell rang to get us all to go to the toy workshop. Well you have never seen the kids so excited ‘quick mummy hurry we have got to go now and see Santa’. We all took our seats in the toy workshop and waited for the big man to appear. This show was so well done with 3 elves all with their own personalities that made the kids of all ages join in the fun with signing, dancing, jokes and laughter. When Father Christmas came out on stage Joshua and Daniels faces were a picture of amazement. He was full of the Christmas spirit and joined in the fun, with dancing and joking he even pointed out Patrick for not joining in with the signing and actions to the songs which the boys found hilarious!! I can honestly say the show was even better than I thought it would be and the perfect amount of time so the kids didn’t get too fidgety, and not too many people crammed into a small space so you could all see what was going on and join in the fun too.

What comes next?

After the show we were then asked to go up the stairs to the Christmas village. This again had been put together really well with so many animals for the kids to see including the real Santa’s reindeer. In this section you could see the big mans cottage, pet the animals, see the biggest Christmas tree with so many fairy lights and you even get to write a letter to father Christmas and post it into the magic letter box. Everything about our visit was so well organised and the kids had the best time but if you do go make sure the kids know they will NOT be sitting on Santa’s knee during this visit.

It is completely different to the normal meet Santa experience but so magical in its own right and we can’t wait to go again this year!

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